New Chilling Video of San Bernardino School Gunman on Day of Shooting

Chilling video released for the first time Wednesday shows the San Bernardino gunman as he walks into an elementary school moments before a horrific shooting.

In the clip he's seen walking into the school on what would have been a normal day April 10. Moments later he unleashed deadly gunfire that left his wife, who was a teacher, and a student dead, leaving another student injured.

San Bernardino police released the surveillance video Wednesday because the investigation is now considered closed.

The video begins with school workers, their faces blurred to protect their privacy, greeting 53-year-old Cedric Charles Anderson as he walks through the door of North Park Elementary School.

It is not apparent when viewing the video, but police say he is armed with a .357 magnum revolver.

Workers at the school obviously recognize him as special education teacher Karen Smith's husband and allow him to enter.

It was shortly after that the deadly shots were fired.

Police say Anderson reloaded at least once.

He used the last round to kill himself, but not before killing his estranged wife and 8-year-old Jonathan Martinez who had been standing near her.

Also wounded in the shooting was 8-year-old Nolan Brandy. He was released from the hospital and is now at home.

Safety measures at the school have been enhanced since the shooting.

A new key board and ID monitor system called Lobby Guard has been installed.

Also, no one is allowed in a classroom while teachers are instructing students.

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