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Angelenos Have Special Site, Hotline to Report Excessive Helicopter Noise

Southern California's airspace is "among the most congested and complex in the world," the FAA says.

Angelenos have complained of excessive helicopter noise for several years, and now they have a place to report those complaints.

"It's a good start to understanding the real noise problem in Los Angeles," said Bob Anderson, president of the Los Angeles Area Helicopter Noise Coalition.

The website and its hotline, sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration, "allows the public to lodge complaints about helicopter operations anywhere in the country." 

Heli-noise-la.com went live Tuesday for Southern California's airspace, described as "among the most congested and complex in the world."

The online system even lets users watch the movement of helicopters in the county.

Anderson said that his organization has held dozens of meetings with the FAA over the last two years to discuss how to how to "improve the quality of life throughout Los Angeles by reducing helicopter noise in our communities, without compromising safety."

The website is a result of the Los Angeles Helicopter Noise Initiative, a collaborative process involving local community organizers, helicopter operators and residents working with the FAA since 2012 to address helicopter noise in LA County.

Whether a noise complaint is submitted through the website or via the hotline 424-348-HELI (4354), complaints will be "routed to the appropriate place" and recorded in a central database.

Residents of the San Fernando Valley, Santa Monica, Palos Verdes, Hollywood Hills and Torrance areas have raised helicopter issues with their Congressional representatives.

Communities may be affected by different types of helicopter noise stemming from news choppers, tours, police, fire and rescue services. However, many comments received are tied to landmarks or locations such as the Hollywood Bowl and Griffith Park that need to be addressed with situation-specific measures, according to the FAA.

In May 2013, the FAA released its report on the LA Helicopter Noise Initiative. The report details a series of six voluntary measures to respond to chopper noise concerns. The comprehensive noise complaint system is on that list.

Anderson, who lives in Sherman Oaks, said he received a demo of the website last week, before it going live. The website will source data from five airports — Los Angeles International, Van Nuys, Long Beach, Bob Hope in Burbank and Zamperini Field in Torrance.

The Los Angeles Area Helicopter Operators Association could not be reached for comment. 

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