New Magazine Celebrates Being Single in LA

When you go to your favorite newsstand you're greeted by hundreds of different magazines.  Whether it's fashion, business, a view of the world or the view from your backyard -- there's a magazine to suit every interest.  Except, maybe, one. Magazine editor Kim Calvert says, "There's nothing out there that celebrates and validates being single."

In September, Calvert and her publishing partner debuted Singular Magazine and its associated social networking site,  Like other lifestyle magazines Singular offers articles about people, fashion, food and travel. But Calvert says their underlying theme is to help unmarried women and men over 30 embrace and celebrate singleness. Calvert says other magazines make singles feel that there's something wrong with them.

As Singular's editorial director Calvert admits starting a new magazine in the best of economic times is risky business. In the current economy, publishing industry data show advertising is down as well as newsstand sales. And each year, between 20 and 50 magazines fail. But Calvert says she thinks Singular will survive the uncertain economy because it targets a market advertisers have all but ignored in the past. Calvert says singles, "make buying decisions by themselves. They don't collaborate with a partner to decide what kind of car they buy, where they're going to go on vacation, how they're going to furnish their home." And since she found that more than half the households in Los Angeles are headed by a single adult, she believes it's time to give them a voice and a choice.

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