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SoCal Mom Fears Traveling Daughter Among Missing in Nice Tragedy

A Los Angeles mom who hadn't heard from her daughter who traveled to Nice, France, amid a tragic truck attack  was searching for her on social media Friday evening.

Amy Singson said the last 24 hours have been very hard.

She has tried every which way to reach her daughter.

She says one of her daughter's last Facebook posts was from Nice, and she hasn't heard from her since.

Her daughter, Renee Lo Iacono, a writer and traveler, has lived all around the world, and always keeps her mom posted on where she is and what she is doing.

"[I'm] very, very worried -- she's not responding to my texts, messages, email. No posts," Singson said.

After seeing the tragedy in Nice, during which a gunman drove a truck through crowds leaving a Bastille Day fireworks celebration in the seaside tourist destination, Singson was certain she would hear from her daughter.

Singson fears Renee is among the missing.

"My kids are my rock -- so I don't want to lose her -- she always tells me think positive," Singson said.

As many as 84 were killed, and more than 200 hurt.

Also among the missing is UC Berkeley student is 20-year-old Nicolas Leslie.

Singson praying for all the lives lost and also holding on to hope.

Nearly 30 Cal State University students are in Nice for a study-abroad program and all were confirmed to be safe. Singson is hoping she gets the same news soon.

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