One Wounded Outside Pomona Nightclub, Two Arrested, Police Say

Two men were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder in connection with the shooting of a person outside a Pomona nightclub early Saturday, police said.

The men seriously injured a man outside Club La Luna just before 2 a.m., police allege. They were then involved in a rollover traffic collision that injured another person after they fled to the highway, according to a statement from the Pomona Police Department.

Two 24 year olds, Dhati Conley, of San Bernardino, and Terrell Wilds, of Colton, were also booked with a felony count of hit-and-run, according to the police statement.

Witnesses described to NBC4 a chaotic scene at the club on Temple Avenue.

They said that two cars shot at the club, when people were leaving. A shooter was sticking out of the window of the first vehicle, they said, followed shortly by a white Cadillac Escalade.

"All of the sudden I heard what sounded like gunshots," said Alexandra Hoppe, who was staying at a hotel next door. "I think there were four of them and then a pause and then four more."

It was the second car that injured someone, according to witnesses. The victim suffered "serious but non-life threatening" injuries, police said.

The police statement referred to the Escalade SUV but did not mention another vehicle involved in the shooting.

Soon after the shooting, police received a report of a similar vehicle to the Escalade involved in an collision about three miles from Club La Luna, the statement said.

The vehicle had exited the 10 Freeway at Fairplex Drive and caused a "major injury to an innocent victim," according to the statement.

Officers were told that the two men fled the scene of the crash but found a weapon there. The two suspects were found and arrested in the area, the statement said.

Neither the shooting nor the collision victims were killed, police said. Conley and Wilds were booked into Pomona City Jail.

Anyone with information about the shooting is being asked to call the Pomona Police Department at 909-620-2085.

Michael Larkin contributed to this report.

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