Billboard's Plunge Into Parking Lot in High Winds Caught on Surveillance Camera

Security footage of a billboard crashing into a parking lot shows how lucky one driver was.

If the driver had pulled out of their parking spot just six seconds later, their pickup truck would have been crushed by the huge sign, which damaged two other vehicles.

The footage was shared by Daniel Abitboul, president of The sign was on top of his North Hollywood equipment supply store

He said the store's main entrance was closed and traffic redirected to an entrance on the side to avoid damage caused by the wind.

"The guy was so lucky. We don't know who it is, though," Abitboul said.

Abitboul found out about the incident at 8:45 a.m. in a curt text message that read "Gusty wind," and had an image of the toppled sign, he said.

In the footage, a forklift could be seen quickly shifting gears and reversing when the billboard crashed in front of it.

Wind caused widespread damage as it tore through Southern California, and was blamed for stoking a massive mulch fire that burned overnight

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