November Snow Adds a Fun Frosting to Mammoth Lakes

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Dakota Snider
Weekend winter vibes: Mammoth Lakes and Mammoth Mountain both received some fall-fun frosting, of the frostiest variety, on Nov. 7 and 8, 2020.
Dakota Snider
Peaks, fir trees, and a water-wonderful scene, too: Winter popped by the Eastern Sierra region on Saturday, Nov. 7.
Dakota Snider
It isn't winter, or at least a wintry autumn, at Mammoth Mountain if this guy isn't wearing a coat of snow.
Dakota Snider
Opening day is Nov. 14 at Mammoth Mountain, but "weather permitting" is the asterisk. (Updated: Nov. 13 is the new opening day; the announcement came on Nov. 11.)
Dakota Snider
A tribute to local legend Dave McCoy added to the ski-cool scene.
Dakota Snider
What's the season hold, snow-wise? Surprises could be ahead. After all, the fifth month of 2019 turned out to be Mammoth Mountain's "snowiest May on record."
Dakota Snider
Remember your chains if you're calling upon this mountainous area as fall deepens into winter.
Dakota Snider
Staying cozy at home but missing the marvelous mountains of this neck of the woods? Keep a watch on the Mammoth Mountain and Mammoth Lakes sites for more stunning pictures of snow in the months ahead.
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