Intruder Committed Lewd Acts in Occidental College Residence Halls: Campus Officials

A male caught on surveillance footage Friday was being sought by Occidental College officials for allegedly trespassing on and committing lewd acts in several residence halls.

The intruder entered three halls and, according to students, left used condoms around the premises, wrote crude messages on students' whiteboards, stole women's underwear and touched himself in residence bathrooms, campus officials said.

Witnesses described the intruder as a white or Hispanic male, approximately 30 years old, with acne and tattoos on his arms. He was wearing a red hat, gray hoodie and jeans. Officials named a male shown in a surveillance picture a suspect.

Campus safety officials at the college located in Eagle Rock sent students an email alert Friday warning to be aware of their surroundings and that the college is reviewing the footage and interviewing students. 

Occidental College is also providing campus safety resources for students.

Anyone who witnesses anything suspicious should call the school's campus safety at 323-259-2599.

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