Southern California

October Heats Up With Red Flag Warning

Record-high temperatures ignited a red flag warning in some areas of LA on Saturday

Sweater weather is going to have to wait – a red flag warning went into effect Saturday afternoon after temperatures topped 100 degrees in the valleys and hills, according to the National Weather Service.

Although the red flag warning did not include the Hollywood Hills or Santa Monica Mountains, temperatures were consistently in the mid-to-high 90s throughout Southern California.

This is in clear contrast to the average high of 86 degrees in downtown LA for Oct. 3. Temperatures could stay above 100 in the valleys into Sunday. 

This weekend's above-normal temperatures have also given rise to extreme fire danger. The current combination of hot, dry, and windy conditions is fuel to any fire.

The red flag warning will remain in effect until 7 p.m. Saturday. The high fire danger is expected to continue through Sunday.

Don't plan on bringing out those sweaters any time soon, even as Southern California begins to cool down to what is considered normal for this time of year, we may be headed into another heat wave next weeked.

To survive a weekend of sweltering temperatures, the National Weather Service recommends: know the signs and symptoms of heat-related illness, never leave pets or people unattended in vehicles, avoid outdoor activity during the heat of the day and drink plenty of water. 

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