Divebombing Bird Newest Attraction in SF

A divebombing blackbird is wreaking havoc in San Francisco's Financial District.  It is also the hottest ticket in town for a free comedy act.

The arian behavior reminds some of Hitchcock's "The Birds."  Experts call the tactic "mobbing."

The blackbird in question lives on Front Street between California and Sacramento streets.   It has been terrorizing people for a couple weeks by swooping down and attacking heads of people who just happen to be walking down the street.

The bird has gained international attention and is actually attracting crowds in the area as people gather to watch unsuspecting people get attacked in the back of the head.  While those on the bad end of the bird's beak scream out, most observers find it quite comical.

The bird has been featured on CNN and the BBC.

It has a small nest in the area and experts say the attacks are something any parent would do if they thought their young were in danger.  Apparently the bird sees moving hair as a predator.

None of the attacks appear to have caused serious injury.

An employee at a nearby restaurant says it has groups of people "laughing, waiting and watching during  their lunch breaks." "He's a star right now."

A Web site has been set up to follow the bird, referred to as Swoops by the site's creators.

An official with San Francisco Animal Care and Control said that these types of incidents happen all the time because of birds guarding their nests.

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