Costco Pulls Polish Dog From the Menu, and People Have Some Feelings

Some Twitter users responded to the unfortunate announcement with #SaveThePolishDog

What to Know

  • Costco announced major menu changes July 5.
  • Polish Hot Dog is being replaced with an acai bowl and vegetarian-friendly salad.
  • Costco members aren't happy about it, and many go on Twitter to #SaveThePolishDog

Costco is the place were you can stock up on groceries and get a new flat-screen television all in the same run. However, one thing will no longer be available at the notorious one-stop shop, and some people on Twitter have some feelings about that.

The membership-only warehouse announced Thursday, July 5, that the Polish Dog is being removed from the food court menu.

Fans of the hot dog have not taken the announcement lightly. Many took to social media to express their horror.

Not only have Costco customers been denied the beloved junk food, but they will also have to learn to stomach the Polish Dog's replacements.

The retail company removed the classic dog to make room for two healthier options -- an acai bowl and vegetarian-friendly salad, according to The Seattle Times.

#SaveThePolishDog has circulated around Twitter, but Costco isn't budging on the decision to remove the beloved hot dog. 

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