Riders Frightened By Decapitated Animatronic Ursula on ‘Little Mermaid' Ride at California Adventure

Ursula lost her head on the "Little Mermaid" ride at Disney California Adventure

A mishap at Disney California Adventure may have scarred a few guests who went on its "Little Mermaid" ride this weekend: Ursula lost her head. Astonished riders took to Twitter to express their surprise and to document the decapitated Disney villain.

The head of the animatronic figure was seen hanging on by a few wires from the front of Ursula's chest. Despite being headless, the animatronc figure continued to sing and dance.

Twitter user @dizzzymissy was on the "Little Mermaid" ride Sunday, surprised to see "something like this happen," given Disney reputation for being meticulous about the function of their parks, especially on a ride catered toward young girls. "As we passed, we could hear small children in the background upset and the people behind us were shocked as well," she  recalled.

It is still unknown whether the ride has been fixed.

After multiple attempts to reach out for a comment, Disney Park representatives were unresponsive.

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