Sewage Plant Won't be Named for George W. Bush

Plan to name treatment plant after president loses

Only in San Francisco.

We're talking about Proposition R. It called for the renaming of the city's sewage treatment plant after President George W. Bush.

While the measure got international recognition it easily went down in defeat on Tuesday.

It was the first race called by the San Francisco Registrar of Voters.

The first votes that came in showed the idea was not getting the approval of San Franicsco voters with 70-percent saying "no" to the idea.

The proposition is the brainchild of a man named Chicken John.

What Chicken John may not realize is that Measure R would cost taxpayers about $50,000.

The Public Utilities Commission would have to change the sign over the door as well as brochures that are given to visitors. Those visitors include San Francisco school children.

Chicken John also may not realize the treatment plant has won awards from the national EPA, according to the man who runs the plant.

The would-be "George W Bush Treatment Plant", currently the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant, protects the ocean, fish, mammals and people.

Those who work at the plant are proud that there has never been one violation found there.

They initially thought the re-naming idea was a joke.

They're not laughing now.

Again, the Proposition is losing in early results.

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