Good Dog. Bad, Bad “Vet”

N.J. man poses as a woman and a vet

You may have had your pet vaccinated by this local vet, but she never even went to med school!

You may have donated to her non-profit, but  police say it’s bogus!

You may have thought “she” was a woman, but “she” is a man!

This is one bad “vet.” 

Daniel C. Tyce, 26, of Atlantic City was arrested Friday, January 9 by Vineland police for operating as a veterinarian, although he wasn’t licensed, police said.

But, there is more to this story.

Tyce, a man, claimed to be a woman, Danielle Smith DVM, with a doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania. He ran a bogus non-profit “South Jersey Small Animal Rescue” for two years, according to detectives. 

He and an assistant ran this phony business, which was not registered as a non-profit organization, investigators said.

The Website even asked for donations and ran ads for adoptable animals stating people could take animals home for a monetary contribution.

You may have  also seen donation cans Tyce placed in local stores. Or maybe you saw him driving by in a white Jeep with “Animal Cruelty Investigations” written on the side. He and his assistant  wore “uniforms” and  carried “badges”  to look official, according to a press release.

Tyce and his operation were busted after pet owner Andrea Cappellucci got suspicious.

Cappellucci said Tyce, who she still refers to as a woman, began treating and vaccinating her pets last spring. But after handing over close to $1,000, Cappellucci eventually went to Vineland police in December. 

“I'm angry and I'm just to myself, how did she take me? How did she dupe me like that?"

Vineland police believe others pet owners may have been duped as well over the last two years. “The potential effect is that animals may have been inoculated with possibly no medicines, improper medicines and that’s a concern because this could be far-reaching throughout our tri-state area,” said Lt. Tom Ulrich with the Vineland Police Department.

Anyone with information on this case, or if you think your pet is a victim, contact Detective John Winquist at (856)691-4111 ext. 4316 or call your local police department.

Tyce was charged with practicing medicine without a license. He was being held in lieu of $10,000 bail. On the website, Dr. Danielle Smith is described as a true hero for the animal community as a whole.

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