Los Angeles

Murder Medley: Woman Allegedly Uses Canned Food To Kill Boyfriend

Her motive was unclear, authorities said.

A woman allegedly used canned food to bludgeon her boyfriend to death in Southern California on Tuesday and was charged with his murder two days later.

Deputy District Attorney Jon Hatami said Linda Clarene Jackson, 59, of Lake Los Angeles, allegedly attacked her 59-year-old boyfriend, David Ruiz, while he was in her house.

Her motive was unclear, authorities said.

Jackson allegedly used a can of peas, a can of carrots and a can of chicken broth to kill Ruiz, according to Ricardo Santiago, a spokesman for the LA County DA.

Ruiz died as a result of the attack.

Jackson's scheduled arraignment on Thursday was postponed to Friday when she experienced a medical emergency, Santiago said.

Hatami was expected to recommend a bail set at more than $1 million.

If convicted, Jackson faces life in prison.

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