Officials Vow Crackdown on Party House Rentals

After an I-Team investigation, Los Angeles city officials vow to crack down on owners renting out their houses for parties.

Los Angeles City officials are vowing to crack down on the party problem keeping neighbors up at night – a problem the I-Team first uncovered in a February investigation.

The I-Team’s report found realtors and owners renting out homes in residential neighborhoods for large parties that often lasted until dawn. Despite dozens of complaints to police, these "party houses" are often operating unchecked by the LAPD.

"It's like torture," said Steve Ginsberg, who lives in LA's Mount Olympus neighborhood, right behind two houses that are rented out for large, loud parties.

And it appears it’s still happening – though the parties are a lot smaller.

After the I-Team’s February report, producers from NBC’s TODAY Show "Rossen Reports" unit went undercover and caught a realtor on video attempting to rent out a house for large parties.

Councilman Tom LaBonge of Hollywood told residents in a statement his office was now working with the LAPD and a local neighborhood prosecutor to stop the illegal rental of homes for parties.

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