Olympic Medalist Promotes Women's Health Week

Seven-time Olympic medalist Shannon Miller was in Orange County promoting health awareness during National Women's Health Week.

The week was developed by the Office of Women's Health under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Miller, 39, runs her own website to promote women's health,

She creates "how to" gymnastics videos for gymnasts and workout videos, she says, for mothers on the run.

In 2011, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Doctors performing a post baby exam- because she was planning another pregnancy- found a "baseball sized" tumor. Following the diagnosis, she underwent surgery and an aggressive chemotherapy regimen.

She now promote ovarian cancer awareness and suggests women understand symptoms of possible ovarian cancer that, she says, may seem benign.

"We are talking about bloating, frequent urination, stomach aches, rapid weight loss or weight gain," Miller says.

Miller is an ambassador for the group, Vermillion, Inc., which is behind the website It has a quiz for women and helps them start the conversation with their doctor.

She also talks about a blood test designed to check the risk for cancer in a pelvic mass when a woman is planned for surgery.

"OVA1 it's not something that was available when I was going through my diagnosis. This helps women find a pelvic mass understand whether or not they should seek out a gynecological oncologist to perform surgery," she said.

Miller insists women should ultimately consult with their doctor about any medical options. She is now nearly five years cancer free.

"It's so important. You don't have time to not get your health checked," Miller says.

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