Ontario Family Offers $50,000 of Own Money in Cold Case Murder of Father

An Ontario family desperate for clues has offered $50,000 of the family's own money in a murder mystery turned cold case that left a father dead.

"We lost a person with a lot of intelligence, integrity," said Berenice Crain, the victim's daughter.

The victim, Arturo Perez Senior, was murdered inside his office back in January.

As each day passes, Crain misses her father more and more.

Although she can't see him, she still speaks to him every day.

"I tell him to give us strength; give us hope," she said.

The hope that keeps them going is the thought that the killer will be brought to justice.

Art, as the victim liked to be called, was a successful owner of this family-run forklift business.

Every day, his son Arturo Perez Jr. wears his father's jacket to work.

"My mom's been dealing with it the worst," Perez Jr. said. "Not only does she worry about what happened to my dad, but now she's in charge of this business. It's definitely taken a toll on all of us."

In January, 59-year-old Perez was found shot in the head inside his office.

His cellphones had been thrown into a toilet. But to this day, Ontario police say the motive is still unclear.

His family wonders if it was it a robbery or revenge. Family members said they aren't sure if Art had a lot of cash on him and that's why they're not sure if this was a robbery.

"Why him?" Crain wondered.

His wife and four adult children said they are so desperate for that answer that they are offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

"It isn't just closure, but it's also for us and him to be at peace," Crain said.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Ontario police at 909-395-2001.

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