Ontario Mall Group Fight Leads to Evacuation, Police Response

A group fight at Ontario Mills Mall Saturday resulted in a massive police response after law enforcement initially received reports of an active shooter.

According to Detective Melissa Ramirez of the Ontario Police Department, police arrived on scene and quickly learned that a large brawl in the food court involving between five and 12 people had caused the chaos. One of the people involved in the fight had a taser. 

Someone thought they saw a gun, and everyone began running out frantically per police. The panic caused a dangerous situation, and two or three people were injured from getting trampled according to Martinez.

Newschopper4 Bravo was over the scene and witnessed one person with an apparent leg injury on a stretch being placed in an ambulance. In addition, two people were being detained by police, though it was not immediately clear if the two subjects would be arrested or charged.

The Ontario Police Department cleared the massive mall and was checking surveillance footage to discover more details about the incident.

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