Oxnard Residents, Act Fast. The City Is Offering Free Fruit Trees, But It's Running Out

Three of the five types of trees are already out of stock.

Oxnard is offering a free fruit tree to some of its residents as a part of an environmental initiative — but they’re being claimed fast.

Applicants are selected on a first-come, first-served basis. Chosen applicants will receive a fruit tree of their choice, which will be planted by city workers. Though the program, which was announced on Tuesday, Oct. 8, initially offered five types of fruit trees, the orange, lime and lemon trees were quickly snatched up, leaving only the semi-dwarf peach trees and full-sized avocado trees remain available.

The city responded by adding fig, apple, plum and pomegranate trees to its listing on Thursday.

The program, financed by the state’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, is open to all residents of Oxnard. However, priority goes to those living in neighborhoods "disproportionately affected by pollution," according to a city news release. Those areas are: Tierra Vista, Mar Vista, Five Points North East, Rose Park, La Colonia and Cabrillo.

Residents of other neighborhoods who apply will be placed on a wait list and chosen if demand from priority neighborhoods is not sufficiently high.

The program offers one tree per chosen household. Applicants are responsible for maintaining the tree, though city workers may inspect the tree to monitor its health.

Interested residents can visit www.oxnard.org/fruit-tree. For questions, contact the Public Works Department at (805) 358-8280 or eric.humel@oxnard.org. 

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