Palms Residents to Gangsters: “Get Rid of These Bums. We Don't Need Them”

In an impressive show of support, dozens of Palms residents joined the LAPD at Woodbine Park on Thursday to speak out against the three shootings in one week that shocked the neighborhood.

"This is our home. How dare you invade our home. I don't like it," said Jeanne Parker, who's lived in Palms for 50 years. "Get rid of these bums. We don't need them."

On April 16, 27-year-old Justin Aguilar was shot and killed at Woodbine Park.

Three suspected gang members have been arrested, one of them charged with murder, police said. Detectives caught them by tailing their white SUV.

"During the shooting some of these gang members actually accidentally shot one another, so we ended up with additional victims at the hospital," said LAPD Lt. John Radtke.

Twenty five minutes after Aguilar was shot, there was another shooting five blocks away near a Verizon store that left two men wounded. Police don't know if it was related, but were reviewing surveillance video.

Then Wednesday afternoon, Christopher John Paul was shot and killed in the alley near his apartment on Mentone Avenue.

Police said he had no gang ties. Neighbor Nate Jackson said he was a quiet, church going loner.

"If they attack him — makes you wonder as a resident — who is next?" said Nate Jackson, a Palms resident.

Residents signed up for a neighborhood watch program on Thursday, at the request of community organizer Carlos Chicas.

"If you see suspicious activity of any kind, report it," said Chicas. "We must follow through when we are a witness to a crime."

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