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Parents Fear Deadly Accident Near Los Angeles School

They are calling for more safety measures to be put in place on Overland and Ashby in in Cheviot Hills

Parents fear a deadly accident could take place along a sidewalk where children walk to school in an affluent area of Los Angeles.

They are calling for more safety measures to be put in place at Overland and Ashby avenues in Cheviot Hills, which is used by Overland Elementary School students.

Due to construction of the light Rail Expo line a lane has been changed from a parking to a driving lane, taking away the buffer between cars and kids on the sidewalk. Last week a car crashed onto the sidewalk just a block away, which has made locals even more uneasy about a potential accident.

"I'm a little nervous lately with the train being built. People drive really fast and don't pay attention, even with the crossing guard," mother Nicole Saacks said. 

"It could be a tragic situation if someone loses control of their car… if there's a collision and the car goes up into that area there's nothing to stop the car from plowing everybody over ," father John Paleno said.

Parents also have ideas about how safety could be increased.

"Some blinking lights and maybe a police car at the corner from 7:45 to 8:10 when school starts," mother Lana Karni said.

Los Angeles City Council member Paul Koretz is working with parents to organize a meeting with the police and transportation officials to talk about more safety measures.

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