Parents Plead for Help to Solve Son's 9-Year-Old Slaying

The mother of a man killed nine years ago in Inglewood pleaded with the public's help to find his killer.

Kathryn Harris wants the killer of her son, Kevin, an aspiring musician, to come forward.

"The world will never know what they're missing because of whoever murdered our son," she said during a news conference at FBI Los Angeles headquarters.

Kevin Harris was 21 years old when he was killed. It was nine years ago in Inglewood outside a recording studio where Harris was producing tracks for the likes of Ice Cube and Lady G.

His father, Kevin Harris, Sr., wants justice.

"I want them to pay the amount of years Kevin would have been on this Earth for his natural life," he said.

On Sept. 20, 2009, Inglewood police detectives and now the FBI say a car pulled up to Harris. Nearly two dozens rounds were fired.

Voviette Morgan, the FBI special agent in charge said the rounds that were recovered were of different calibers, saying that's significant.

The FBI got involved in the case two years ago.

Today they've matched the $25,000 reward Inglewood put out, in the hope that the one missing piece of their puzzle is found.

"We are very close to solving this murder," Morgan said.

Sobbing, his mother said he wasn't in a gang.

"If he were in a gang or lived a violent life, you would expect to hear this, you would grieve, but it wouldn't be so hard," she said. "When you give birth to an angel and someone comes and takes his life away for no reason, it's very hard to cope with everyday."

Harris' father says they couldn't talk about possible motives, but he said this about what happened that night.

"I think my son just believed in somebody maybe he should never have believed in," his father said.

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