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Parents Reunite With Deputies Who Saved Toddler With CPR

"I’m a police officer and ultimately I’m just here to help and do my job.”

Two deputies who saved the life of a La Puente 16-month-old got to meet with him again in person Thursday, as the boy's parents thanked the men in uniform for rendering aid in the nick of time.

On March 12, 2018, the Industry Sheriff’s Station received a 911 call of a baby not breathing after being trapped by a motorized gate. The caller reported the boy, Kevin Lopez, was turning a purple color and was unsure if he was dead.

Neighbors rescued the boy from the gate but still, Kevin wasn’t breathing.

"I asked for him to hand over baby Kevin to me, he took a second or two and once he did, I was able to start the CPR process," Deputy Erik Nava said.

Deputy Nava and Deputy Jose Cruz arrived at the scene and administered lifesaving CPR for approximately four minutes before paramedics arrived.

"It was only two to three minutes of CPR that was done and thankfully so we were able to get some grasp of air and ultimately some signs of crying."

Once the paramedics arrived, the deputies coordinated the blocking of streets and intersections for a clear path of travel to the hospital.

The paramedics and the physician who treated the toddler said it was the CPR that saved Kevin’s life.

“You do feel heroic. You consider the efforts that you’ve done with your partner; ultimately there was a life that has been saved,” said Nava. “So yes, heroic yes but again this is what I signed up for. I’m a police officer and ultimately I’m just here to help and do my job.”

This is the second time Deputy Nava saved a child's life. He was also credited for with saving the life of a 7-month-old child who also stopped breathing in November 2015.

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