Pawn Shop Burglar Likely Broke in Through Hole in Roof: Police

Police searched a Long Beach pawn shop for at least one burglar who likely broke in through the roof Tuesday morning.

At 6:45 a.m., an alarm was activated at A&V Pawn, which prompted the police response. It was initially unclear whether or not the burglar or burglars were still inside the business.

"From what I can tell from our aerial shots, it looks like a hole into the business itself," said Marlene Arrona of Long Beach Police Department.

Streets were shut down to traffic while police staked out in an alley and on rooftops. Officers in tactical gear entered the business through the front door.

During what was described as a methodical search, police confirmed a burglary had taken place and that the burglar or burglars had left the business. It appeared the person or persons left through the roof as well.

The owner was expected to do a walk through with authorities to determine the estimated loss from the break-in Tuesday.

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