Pit Bull Attacks Suspect Who Stabs 19-Year-Old Owner

A 19-year-old was hurt but saved by his pit bull when a man suddenly came up and stabbed the teen with a screwdriver as he walked his dog, West Covina police said Sunday.

"You gotta look good for the cameras — yes, you do!" the family of Droogie the pit bull cooed after he defended and likely saved his owner.

The 19-year-old man was walking with his mother, his pit bull, Droogie, and lap dog Pebbles, in the 600 block of Glendora Avenue Saturday afternoon.

Police said they found the teen with stab wounds in his torso in what police called an "unprovoked" attack.

"He came up to my side, he pulled a screwdriver out and he said, 'This is for my daughter,' and he started trying to slash me," the victim said.

As the teen fell, he let go of his dog's leash. That's when Droogie jumped into action, running after the suspect, hot on his tail.

"The guy attacking me was on the ground," the victim, who didn't want to be identified, said. "Droogie was on top of him still attacking him. I remember standing up and then hearing my mom just scream, 'run, run.'"

The suspect, identified as 28-year-old Jason Perez of Covina, was significantly injured after Droogie became protective.

"Droogie had bitten his butt, his leg, thrown him on the ground somehow, and continue to attack him," the victim said.

Perez tried to flee, but didn't get very far because of Droogie, police said. He stabbed Droogie in the neck with the screwdriver, his family said.

Perez was taken to the hospital.

The victim's wounds were not life threatening.

Droogie's family said the 5-year-old dog had never been aggressive with people until Saturday when his owner was attacked.

Droogie was taught the word "attack" when he was a puppy because liked to chase birds, his family said.

"Very good dog, so glad he was there," the victim said. 

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