‘Lot of Blood': Cal Poly Pomona Parking Officer Fatally Stabbed, Suspect Killed in Police Shooting

The officer was stabbed and the suspect was struck by gunfire

A parking enforcement officer was stabbed to death and the suspect was later killed in a police shooting on the Cal Poly Pomona campus on Friday, according to the Pomona Police Department.

The public safety officer was fatally stabbed by the suspect around 4:30 p.m. in the 3500 block of West Pomona Boulevard, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. A colleague discovered the 37-year-old suffering from multiple stab wounds in the front seat of his university truck. 

Around 25 minutes later and about half a mile away, the suspect -- who was also in a campus vehicle -- was spotted by witnesses. They reported that he was bloodied and acting erratically. 

The suspect then got into a confrontation with police, ending in a shooting near University Road and Temple Avenue. He was fatally struck by gunfire. 

Witnesses told police they believe the suspect may have also been a college employee. 

It's unclear what prompted officers to open fire on the suspect. One Pomona police officer and one Cal Poly police officer each fired at the alleged attacker. 

A knife was recovered at the scene.

"I can confirm a murder of a Cal Poly Pomona Police Parking Officer, and Pomona Police officer involved shooting with the suspect, who didn't survive," Pomona Police Chief Michael Olivieri tweeted

Investigators described the killing as "quite brutal." There was a "lot of blood on both scenes," said Lt. John Corina with the LA County Sheriff's Department. 

"It looked like the victim put up a heck of a fight." 

It was not immediately clear if the victim and suspect knew each other. 

The shooting and stabbing prompted a safety alert to be sent to students and staff at around 5 p.m. 

"Our university community is mourning the tragic loss of life today on our campus," the university tweeted.

Aerial footage from NewsChopper 4 showed police and fire on scene as additional searches were taking place "as a precaution," Olivieri added. 

People were told to "stay away from those areas" as authorities combed the campus. 

The sheriff's department is now handling the investigation. 

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