Police Hunt Robbers Who Held Up 3 Gas Stations in 1 Day

Police are hunting for robbers who struck at four gas stations in the Inland Empire this week, with three incidents occuring in the same day.

The first incident occurred at the Am/Pm in Upland late Sunday night, where the two suspects initially pretended to be customers, before staging a hold-up.

The first man, who was wearing a hoodie bought something before his partner motioned as if he had a gun inside his pocket and demanded the cash register be emptied.

The pair then quickly headed outside and drove off in a  quickly walk outside in a 90's model Honda.

"They kept their heads down.. like they knew we had cameras," store manager Amanda Angel said, "They seemed like they kind of just wanted to make sure which register had more money, wanted one of my guys to go to the back so that there’s only one guy out front so they can control the situation a little bit better."

A smilar incident occurred when men believed to be the same  two suspects robbed this another Am/Pm in Claremont. The men wore similar and used an identical modus operandi.

Despite the fact no weapon was actually displayed, the store manager Ali Essayli is glad his clerk did not refuse the demand.

"It's not worth it to play a hero or macho, you know. Just get them in and out and let the cops do their job," Essayli said.

That same say the duo are suspected of robbing  two gas stations within minutes of each other in barstow.

Essayli says they need to be caught sooner than later.

"They didn't hurt anybody here, but they may hurt somebody somewhere else."

Local police have warned store clerks not to confront the men, as they could be armed with a gun.

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