Police Looking for Man Who Spat On Valet Before Driving Into Him

Beverly Hills police are looking for a man who hit a valet at popular restaurant The Stinking Rose, spitting on him and then running into him with a car.

Apparently the man did not have enough money to pay the valet and things turned ugly around 9 p.m. Sunday.

"I'm hanging onto the side of the car trying to get the valet off," said manager Steve Lakis, describing what happened in the restaurant’s parking lot on La Cienega Boulevard.

"A guest came into the restaurant and said he was having an issue with a valet,” Lakis said.

The man didn’t have cash to pay for parking.

"We explained to him there is an ATM across the street and we also may be able to work something out,” he said.

Lakis said the man was only in the restaurant for a minute, and was perfectly fine until the moment the two stepped outside to address the valet.

"The man said ‘blank this place’ then he spit in the guys face," he said.

At this point people inside the restaurant left their seats to see what was happening. Witnesses said the man jumped in his car. With no where to go in the narrow driveway, the valet ended up on the hood and stayed there for more than 30 feet as the driver accelerated and decelerated, trying to knock the valet off.

"It went from a dispute over five dollars to hit and run with intent to hurt us and that was scary,” Lakis said. The attendant was not injured.

Beverly Hills police are looking for the driver of the car, described as a gray Mercedes with paper plates.

"During the argument he did also spit on the attendant’s face, which carries a misdemeanor battery and felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon for using his car in a threatening manner,” said Lt. Renalto Moreno.

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