Officers Search for ‘Incredibly Dangerous' Car Surfer on 15 Freeway

California Highway Patrol officers are on the lookout for the stuntman, who clung onto the side of a pickup truck on the 15 Freeway

California Highway Police officers are looking for a man who pulled an incredibly dangerous stunt while speeding down the 15 Freeway in the Inland Empire.

The daredevil apparently crawled out of a black pickup truck and danced while clinging on to the side of the vehicle as the truck drove alongside other traffic.

One of those other riders recorded the incident on her phone and says she and her husband were bewildered.

Jennifer Driscoll-Frerichs and her husband were running errands over the weekend when they spotted a man with a sweater wrapped around his waist climbing out of a truck window.

But, he somehow held on, she said. He stepped onto the running boards and started, apparently, to groove.

"I honestly thought, how dumb can you be," she said.

CHP says the stunt was beyond "dumb" — it was a crime. They're looking for the individual, who faces at least two citations of not wearing a seat belt and not being properly seated in a moving vehicle. 

"If I thought there was ongoing danger," she might have called the police, Driscoll-Frerichs said. She noted that it happened so quickly and ended safely. "In this day and age, if you see someone doing something stupid, you pull out your phone and record it."

She says she posted the video to a local chat group hoping to send a message to the man and anyone thinking of doing a stunt like this.

"I didn't post it hoping they would get in trouble. I was hoping that someone who knows them would say, 'you're pretty stupid,'" Driscoll-Frerichs said.

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