Police Seek Man Who Tried to Kidnap, Sexually Assault Girl

Police were searching Tuesday for a man who tried to kidnap and sexually assault a 14-year-old girl at an Ontario high school.

"It's like every person's worst nightmare," Rafael Leon, the girl's father said.

The incident occurred Saturday night after a nighttime school event at Chaffey High, police said.

A man dragged the girl behind some bushes and tried to take off her clothes, police said. The teenager managed to break free and run for help. The man then chased her for a moment before school personnel found the girl and the man ran off.

The man can be seen in surveillance video with the girl's jacket in his hand.

Ontario police said that just moments before the girl was waiting for her parents to pick her up after she performed in a band event on campus.

The suspect approached her and then pulled her into some bushes.

Sgt. Jeff Higbee, of the Ontario Police Department, said the man was between 38 and 42 and weighed about 200 pounds.

"She was very fortunate to break away from him," Higbee said.

Students were shocked.

"I think it's pretty scary," Allison Lainez said. "I think you should always have someone with you. You never know what's going to happen."

Police said the attacker wore a distinctive blue and gray hoodie with yellow lettering on the sleeves.

While speaking with officers, the victim's father had a message for the man caught on tape.

"You're the worst society has to offer. Turn yourself in and do us all that favor," Leon said.

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