Illegal Fireworks in Chino Create Awkward Situation

Fireworks are set off in the middle of the street and quickly light up the sky above Street B in Chino. Impressive and pretty as these fireworks may be, this is no city-sanctioned fireworks show. All of the fireworks on this block are illegal, but they attract visitors and families from all over.

"For the fireworks," Linda Castrejon from Apple Valley answers when asked why she drove to Chino for the Fourth of July. "It's the best around in the area."

As promised, Chino police issued citations as part of their Zero Tolerance policy. One man hit with a $1,000 fine, but this problem is bigger than any one person. The illegal fireworks had become such an issue that this year, police asked neighbors to take pictures and videos, encouraging them to report offenders.

Community members understand why police are making their pleas, but they're skeptical it will have any impact on a day that is as well known for hot dogs as it is for fireworks.

"It's a good thing that they're trying, but it's not going to happen because you got to go to court with (the police) and identify these people," Castrejon says. "People are not going to do it."

"I think it's good on their part as a city, but to have neighbors tell on neighbors, I don't think that's the best thing to do," Edward King, a local, says.

King adds, "We have to live among each other."

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