$73 Million Spent on Prop 8

Almost twice the amount spent 4 years ago in 24 other contests

Spending for and against a ballot initiative that would outlaw same-sex marriage in California has surpassed $73 million, almost twice the total that was spent in the 24 states where similar measures were put to voters since 2004.

Campaign finance records show that opponents of Proposition 8 had a slight lead in contributions as of Monday, having raised $37.6 million. Supporters of the ban on gay marriage had raised $35.8 million.

According to the National Organization on Money in State Politics, a little less than $33 million was spent on campaigns to pass or defeat gay marriage bans in the 24 states where they appeared on ballots in 2004, 2005 and 2006.

The latest polls suggest the outcome of Tuesday's vote on Proposition 8 could be close.

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