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Arnold the Stand Up Comic



    Arnold the Stand Up Comic

    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger tried his hand at comedy during a speech in Sacramento.

    Schwarzenegger took aim at actor Mel Gibson's recent taped rants and radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh's weight.

    They don't read well, but did get a big  laugh if you watch the video clip.

    "The good news is that BP has contained the oil leak," the governor said. "That is good news. Finally. Finally. The bad news is that no one has figured out how to contain Mel Gibson. Mel Gibson no one knows how to contain. So, this is why I want to ask all of you to just please turn off your cell phones because we are expecting a call from him."

    The governor made the comments while addressing a meeting of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners in Sacramento.

    Schwarzenegger, who is well known for his past as a body builder, also said he is proud that at age 62 he still works out for an hour a day.

    "Just last week, I lifted 375 pounds," he said. "Yup, 375 pounds. I lifted Rush Limbaugh out of the chair."

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