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Gov. Brown: Man Caught Trying to Break in My Home

Gov. Jerry Brown said Tuesday that a man was recently caught trying to break into his Sacramento apartment while he was away.



    Gov. Jerry Brown personally identified with crime victims at a crime victims rally Tuesday. (Published Tuesday, April 23, 2013)

    During a victim's rally at the state capitol, Gov. Jerry Brown told the crowd he knows how it feels to be a victim of a crime.  

    Brown said he and his wife Anne have been through two burglary attempts of their homes. He said one of them happened in the last week at their apartment in Sacramento.

    He credited an alert neighbor for noticing someone was on the balcony of his loft across from Memorial Auditorium. The neighbor called police. 

    "Luckily I wasn’t home,” Brown told the crowd.

    He told reporters after the event that a suspect was arrested.

    KCRA reported the Sacramento Police Department confirmed the incident at 9:35 p.m. Sunday night when witnesses "called in a suspicious subject." Police told KCRA officers found a person matching the description and arrested him on a prowling charge.

    Police said there was no reason to believe the man was targeting the governor.

    Miami Police Department

    Brown also said three men were caught trying to break into his Oakland home last year while his wife was home alone. He said they were apprehended by the California Highway Patrol but later released by Oakland police.