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Group Claims Election Fraud in Maywood Elections



    Group Claims Election Fraud in Maywood Elections

    "What do you mean I already voted?"
    "Hey! He doesn't even live here!"
    "Why does she get to go twice?"

    These are some of the concerns of a group that calls itself, "Maywood for Better Community." On Tuesday afternoon, it filed a complaint with the Los Angeles District Attorney's office, claiming voter fraud in this past November election.

    The complaint focuses on the city council races and claims that some residents were not allowed to vote because someone else had already voted using their name. It also claims that some voters did not live in the city of Maywood, and that other voters voted more than once.

    Sandi Gibbons, Public Information Officer for the District Attorney, confirms that the complaint has been filed and will be reviewed by the Public Integrity Division. At that point, they will make a determination as to whether or not the complaint warrants further criminal investigation.

    The races this past November included mayor, and city council members. There were six candidates for council and the top three were named to the council. Ramon Medina was a candidate for council. He placed fourth and is actively involved in the filing of this complaint.