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What Red Zone? Maria Shriver Busted (Again)

First Lady continues her misunderstanding of California's vehicular laws



    What Red Zone? Maria Shriver Busted (Again)
    It looks like Maria Shriver needs to reread the California Driver Handbook.

    Vigilant paparazzi have been keeping extra close tabs on California's First Lady Maria Shriver ever since she was caught breaking the state's hands-free law.

    Once again, it appears Shriver has been busted. Shriver allegedly parked her non-emergency vehicle in a red zone, TMZ reported Monday:

    Arnold's really gonna be seeing red after this because his scofflaw wife once again blatantly disobeyed the rules of the road ... and parked her non-emergency vehicle in a red zone!!!!
    We're told Maria Shriver left her Escalade in the verboten spot for almost an hour while visiting the doctor's office in Santa Monica.

    Santa Monica Police Lt. P.J. Guido said the department will investigate.

    Earlier this month, the gossip website caught the first lady talking on her cell phone while driving. Her hubby was quick to thank TMZ for outing his wife's bad behavior.

    "Thanks for bringing her violations to my attention, @harveylevintmz. There's going to be swift action," said Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger via Twitter.

    Shriver also apologized, but with her latest caught-on-tape automotive fiasco, it appears she hasn't learned her lesson.

    TMZ Video: Arnold's Wife -- Terrible in the Red Zone: