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Prop 19: The Legalization of Pot, Yes or No




    Should the sale and possession of marijuana for recreational use be legal? Californians will decide on Nov. 2.

    Here are just a few of the arguments from supporters and detractors of Prop. 19.

    PRO Arguments

    • -- $1.2 to $1.4 billion in annual sale tax revenue.
    • --  International drug cartels and gangs in U.S. will be weakened.
    • -- Fewer State prisoners on pot charges (currently: 1,629 at cost of over $52,000 each, per year).
    • --  Less violence in poor communities where drugs are dealt illegally.

    CON Arguments

    • -- Prop. 19 is poorly written with holes that will cause unintended consequences.
    • -- Roads, workplaces and communities will be less safe.
    • -- Social and medical costs will exceed tax profits.
    • -- Marijuana is the gateway drug to more serious mind altering substances.

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