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Redistricting Could Mean Game-On Come November

Several high-profile lawmakers could find themselves at risk



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    Congressional District Map

    The voter-approved citizens committee released its proposed political redistricting map and, at first glance, it will have a number of Republican and Democratic representatives battling to stay in office.

    The map dramatically refigures the boundaries of Congressional districts and, at times, pits Democrat against Democrat and leaves some Republicans out in the political cold.

    The editor of the Cook Political Report believes the map could boost the Democrats' numbers in the House by four seats.

    San Dimas Republican David Dreier may find his seat at risk along with fellow Republicans Elton Gallegy of Simi Valley, Gary Miller of Diamond Bar and either Brian Bilbray of Carlsbad or Jeff Denham of Atwater.

    On the Democratic side, long-time Representative Howard Berman of Van Nuys will have to decide whether to compete in a more Latino district in the eastern San Fernando Valley or take on fellow Democrat Brad Sherman in the western valley.

    Sherman told the Los Angeles Times "there will certainly be a lot of battlefields in California."

    Some political experts believe the new map will lessen California's influence in Congress because of the number of veteran lawmakers whose political futures are now at risk.

    Californians have gained a number of leadership positions because of their seniority --but this may become irrelevant under resdistricting.

    Berman released a statement on Friday noting that the "redistricting commission still has months of work and numerous public meetings ahead of them."

    He continued: "Still, if the final districts look anything like the draft map released today, my home is squarely in the district it is calling 'West San Fernando Valley- Calabasas'."

    Berman said it is premature to make an official campaign announcement until district lines are finalized, but added, "there is no question that I would want to continue representing this community."

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