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Tsk-Tsk, Maria Shriver

California's hands-free law apparently doesn't apply to the state's first lady



    Tsk-Tsk, Maria Shriver
    Maria Shriver

    California's first lady Maria Shriver appears to be caught violating the state's hands-free law, according to photos and a video posted on TMZ.

    Shriver -- who should probably know better, considering her husband signed the law -- was photographed twice this year driving while talking on a cell phone.

    The first lady's office said it would have no comment.

    But on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Twitter feed, he wrote to TMZ.com founder Harvey Levin: "Thanks for bringing her violations to my attention. There's going to be swift action."

    Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear says that by "swift action," the governor means he'll ask his wife not to hold the phone while driving.

    In a note accompanying the video, TMZ responded to Schwarzenegger's tweet by saying, "... your scofflaw wife was at it again."

    The hands-free law went into effect Jan. 1.