Hispanics in Florida Prefer Biden Over Trump: Poll

The poll also asked about what issues Florida's Hispanic voters care about the most

Joe Biden (left), Sen. Bernie Sanders (middle) and President Donald Trump (right).
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Florida's Hispanic voters would support former Vice President Joe Biden over President Donald Trump if the general election were held today, according to a Telemundo Station Group poll.

If Bernie Sanders faced Trump, the Vermont senator would lose against the incumbent president but within the poll's margin of error.

The poll commissioned by the Telemundo Station Group conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy surveyed the electoral preferences of Hispanic voters in Florida ahead of the 2020 presidential election. Click here to view the full survey released Wednesday.

The opinion poll, which has a margin of error is ± 4%, was carried out via telephone between March 4 and March 7 among 625 citizens who showed their willingness to vote.

If the final November contest was between Trump and Biden, 58% said they would vote for the former vice president, 38% would vote for the current president and 4% said they're undecided.

In the scenario in which Trump and Sanders met in the November presidential elections, the difference is marginal with 45% supporting Trump, 44% voting for Sanders and 11% saying they're undecided.

The poll also included a subsample of 400 Democrats of Hispanic origin who indicated an interest in voting in the March 17 primary. They were asked only questions concerning the primary and the margin of error, in that case, is ± 5%.

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Of that subsample when asked who they would vote for if the Democratic primary elections were today, 48% said they would vote for Joe Biden, 37% would vote for Bernie Sanders and 3% for Tulsi Gabbard. Among those who would prefer Biden, 51% are women and 43% men. Of those Biden supporters, 63% of them were older than 50 years of age and 55% were younger than 55.

The overall poll also asked Hispanic voters what they "feel is the most important issue facing the country today?":

  • Healthcare, 24%
  • Coronavirus, 22%
  • Immigration, 15%
  • Economy & Jobs, 13%
  • National Security & Foreign Policy Issues, 7%
  • Taxes, Government Spending & the National Debt, 6%
  • Guns Rights & Gun Control, 5%
  • Environment/Climate Change, 4%
  • Abortion, 1%

When asked if they felt the country was on the right or wrong "track," 52% said they believe it's on the right track, 42% said they believe it is in the wrong track and 6% said they were not sure.

The poll showed Trump's approval rating was 46%, disapproval rating was 47% and 7% said they were undecided. Forty percent of those polled said they were more confident in the economy since Trump assumed power, 28% said they have less confidence, 31% said they had the same amount of confidence and 1% said they were not sure.

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