Budget Brings Tuition Hikes, Park Closures, “Amazon Tax”

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed several pieces of the controversial new California budget. It's expected to impact people on many levels, ranging from much higher tuition fees to drastic cutbacks at some state parks.

It will also require online retailers to collect sales tax.

Amazon.com has said that it would cut ties with its California affiliates if the Governor signs the bills. It's the latest in a series of similar battles around the country.

Amazon has cut ties with affiliates in Connecticut and Arkansas. But, California's size and population make this the biggest battle yet.

The budget also includes two redevelopment bill that sparked intense lobbying. The signing of these bills has cities and redevelopment agencies vowing to sue.

Republicans certainly aren't the only ones who don't like the Democrat-passed budget. Try asking college students or soon-to-graduate high school students, or their parents, what they think. The new budget is expected to slash hundreds of millions of dollars from the UC and CSU systems. This could shorten the academic year and cause already high tuition fees to climb even higher.  

CSU Wastes No Time Suggesting Tuition Hike

The new budget is already having an impact on higher education.

California State University Chancellor Charles Reed wasted no time in announcing he will seek a 12 percent tuition increase when the Board of Trustees meets on July 12.

The budget cuts CSU funding by at least $650 million.

If the trustees approve the tuition increase, annual undergraduate tuition at the 23 CSU campuses will cost nearly a thousand dollars more than it did last year.

For more information on the parks cuts, see this story.

See a budget timeline here.

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