Prop 8 Outcome To Be Protested

Prop 8 opponents begin legal battle.

When 96% of precincts were reporting Proposition 8 measure led by a margin of 52% to 48%  and the measure to oppose same-sex marriages was called a victory, protests were already being planned.

The hotly contested campaign that had both sides reach a combined total of $74 million in spending may not be over yet, as gay-rights advocates filed a legal challenge today in California Supreme Court, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The anti-gay-marriage measure as an illegal constitutional revision will be the argument made by lawyers representing same sex couples.

Roots of Equality organized a protest against the voter outcome last night in West Hollywood. On their Facebook page, organizers stated "We have a much steeper road to climb, so don't waste any time. Let's start tonight by all getting together to take to the streets in protest and prepare for the fight ahead."

This also brings up the question of what will happen with the over 18,000 couples who shared vows between June 16th and November 4th.

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