Prop 8 News Roundup

No on 8 site hacked, ban could be retroactive, split among Latino voters, and other news.

With all of the news and events surrounding Prop 8 taking up nearly as many headline in the Presidential race, some items may have been missed. Here's a brief rundown:

  • The No on Prop 8 website was crashed by hackers, who may have been the same group behind a similar denial of service attack on a site for similar bill on the ballot in Florida. [Calitics]
  • A "Yes on Prop 8" ad used footage of children without their parent's permission. [Mollie Christine]
  • One blogger makes the case that if passed, Proposition 8 would make null and void all existing gay marriages. [Calitics]
  • 59 California law professors released a state arguing that many of the Yes on Prop 8's claims about gay marriage are misleading or false. [California Progress Report]
  • A Prop 8 spokesman compared the fight against the mainstreaming of homosexuality to the fight against the Nazis. [Calitics]
  • A look at the split between Latino voters over Prop 8, with 39% in favor, 44% opposed. [Edge Boston]
  • Two kids sing about the evils of gay marriage. Watch the video on You Tube only, as embedding on other sites has been disabled without reason.
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