Knife in Hand, Governor Gives Thanks for Budget Ideas

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger got to the point Tuesday afternoon.

His Twitter video posted Tuesday starts with him holding a knife the size of his arm. You'd expect a "budget cuts" or "slashing spending" reference, but the governor went a different route.

After a contemplative look, the governor places the knife aside and thanks his Twitter followers for their ideas regarding the state's financial woes.

One suggestion caught his attention.

"We talked about... getting rid of some of the state cars," Schwarzenegger said. "Then, all of the sudden, you come up with the great idea -- why don't you sign the cars since you're a celebrity governor? Sign the cars and sell them for more money."

Schwarzenegger and California's legislative leaders agreed Monday on a plan to close the state's $26 billion budget shortfall, potentially getting the state back on firm financial ground so it can stop issuing IOUs.

The governor and leaders from both parties announced the compromise after more than five hours of closed-door talks. If the agreement survives its run through both houses of the Legislature, it would provide temporary relief to an epic fiscal crisis that has captured national attention, sunk the state's credit rating and forced deep cuts in education and social services.

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