Students Debate Over Cal Poly Pomona New School Logo

The university said despite the petition they're still changing the logo.

A new look, a new logo and it's not sitting well with all the students at Cal Poly Pomona. It was just unveiled this week and now some students want it changed back.

The new logo, the new phrase and tagline that goes along with it has prompted thousands of students to sign a petition to change their logo back to the one they've had for 24 years.

"I've just seen it for so many years and this is my fifth year here and I kind of like the pointy building," said Chanel Lu, student.

The old logo, modeled after the CLA tower building, was built on a fault line and staff and students to move out of it this winter.

"Change is hard," said Tim Lynch, Cal Poly Pomona spokesperson. "We want to acknowledge that and second we want the university community to know why we are making these changes."

The changes also come with a new seal and a new tagline, "I am ready." A phrase that a lot of these students know from childhood.

"That's how we all grew up here, with Sponge Bob, so yeah, that's our first thought when we hear I'm ready," said Krista Anderson, student.

The new look even prompted an online petition with more than 2,000 signatures.

"I feel Iike the old one is much better because people are so used to it, why change it now," said Alex Vu, student.

Even though there are many students against it there are others who thought the opposite.

"I think this is out of my hands, I don't think any petition is going to make them change their mind but I think it looks cool and I'm not afraid to adopt it," Tony Chen.

The university said despite the petition they're still changing the logo. They're reaching out to students and alumni over email and social media.

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