Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Innocent Man Killed in Pursuit Crash in City of Industry

A man was killed after three burglars crashed into his car during a pursuit in the City of Industry Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said.

Deputies were pursuing the three men in a black sports car after the men were accused in a burglary in Hacienda Heights.

Two men were seen kicking in a door in the 15200 block of Folger Street as a third man waited in a black Chevrolet Camaro.

As deputies responded to the burglary they saw the car racing down the road. Speeds reached more than 60 mph on residential streets, and deputies called off the chase. 

That's when the burglar's car struck the victim's car less than a mile away, deputies said. The victim died at the scene of the crash at Gale Avenue and Johnson Drive at 4 p.m.

Deputies said the three men tried to run away, but were captured. They were taken into custody.

The victim was not involved in the pursuit.

"Suspects sometimes have no regard for ... the public and that's why homicide is here now," Lieutenant Joe Mendoza said. "Because when somebody dies in the commission of a felony, we seek to file murder charges on that person."

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