‘Rally Granny' Gains Fame With Unique Dance Moves During Dodgers Game

Although she roots for every member of the team, 85-year-old Betty True considers Justin Turner her favorite player.

In a season full of memorable moments, no Dodger fan will ever forget about the 85-year-old who stole the show and charmed the audience - both at home at in the stadium - with her dance moves.

Betty True earned her nickname during a Dodgers versus the Kansas City Royals game the summer of 2017 and now, people stop her when they see her walking down the street and ask her for a photograph.

"I did my thing because it blinded the Royals," True said.

The instant legend and overnight sensation was the focus of the Jumbotron during the game when her quick-thinking, great music and a supportive crowd got her dancing as she was being filmed. Soon after her dance, True quickly flashed the camera her undershirt and gained fans almost immediately afterwards.

"The music was going and I love music," she said. "The crowd was cheering me on and they held the camera on me too long so I said I got to do something for them and up it went."

Since the birth of her "Rally Granny" nickname, True has taken photographs with countless Dodgers fans.

Although she roots for every member of the team, True considers Justin Turner her favorite player.

"I call him Furby because of his beard and because once he's activated, he keeps going," she said.

Her now famous dance moves became a signature of hers and True keeps her routine when she watched the Boys in Blue from home.

"I even flash the television at home just to keep them going," True said.

As a huge Dodgers fan, True will continue to cheer on the team and hopes to see them defeat the Houston Astros to win the World Series.

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