Rescue Groups Helping Abandoned German Shepherds

Rescue organizations came forward Friday to take care of some of the dozens of rescued German shepherds that were found living in horrible conditions earlier this week at an abandoned San Bernardino County home.

The German Shepherd mix dogs were taken away in crates from the Devore Animal Shelter, where they have been in limbo since being rescued earlier this week from a Highland home that was red-tagged by the San Bernardino County of Public Health.

Thirty-eight dogs were taken away from the home, but only two dogs were available for adoption due to their observed behavior, according to animal shelter officials. The rest needed specialized care.

"They just need good people to step up and evaluate them, place them in good homes," said Kara Guard, who took two of the dogs to the House of Shepherds Rescue in Corona.

Eighteen of the dogs were headed to German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County.

"Unfortunately due to their temperament and their unsocial behavior, they're going to a rescue first and eventually to the public once they are trained and ready and cleaned up a little bit," said Maria Dales of the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County.

Workers at the Devore shelter said the response from the public has been overwhelming.

"I've been taking calls from Georgia, from other parts of the country expressing interest and seeing what they can do and help out in this situation, so it's great," said Frank Becerra of San Bernardino County of Public Health.

Other rescue group were coming forward to pick up the remaining dogs. Some dogs may be available for adoption sooner than others depending on how much care they need.

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