Residents Demand Shut Down of Canoga Park Strip Club

Residents are demanding city officials to shut down a Canoga Park strip club, days after two robbery suspects were shot and killed by a club security guard.

Dozens of demonstrators picketed outside of Xposed Gentlemen’s Club on Wednesday night, claiming that the club is a haven for violence, prostitution and more.

"My kids are growing up here," Adriana Garcia said. "I don't trust my kids passing by here. The cops are here every weekend."

Police said two people attempted to rob the club early Saturday morning before they were shot and killed by a security guard, but some of the demonstrators do not believe this is true.

Xposed's owner did not want to comment on camera Wednesday night but said over the weekend that the robbery happened and the guards acted in self defense.

Surveillance footage released by the club shows one of the suspects pointing an object -- workers said it was a gun -- to another worker's head. The other suspect walks another worker into the club.

The demonstrators plan to return to picket the club Thursday night after 10 p.m.

"(It's) been a problem for a long time," Breanna Wizar said. "I hope it closes. We'll be here every day, every night."

"It's time to speak up, it's time to stand up for our community," Garcia said. "I think the place has to be closed."

The club's owner provided a written statement to NBC4 saying the club has had no alcohol, drug or prostitution violations; that there is no LAPD cover-up; and that the club is fully complying with the police regarding the robbery.

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